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For Business

I can create illustrated maps for humans to navigate around a village, town  looped walk, resort or premises without  map reading skills. The maps  can be from a birds eye view or flat, can highlight landmarks, attractions and highlight the appeal of a village while ensuring correct orientation for users and providing plenty of information in a way that’s unfamiliar.

For Individuals

I can create maps of anywhere on the planet in a range of styles. An illustration of a house or a boat for example, can be put onto the map. Colours etc. are your choice.

Cartographer - Hand illustrated walking maps Ireland
Loop Head Lighthouse Illustrated by Mark P Ryan
Cartographer - Hand illustrated walking maps Ireland

Case Study

Tipperary Walking Maps –
Take A Hike

  • 20  hiking trails of varying length were to be put into one booklet
  • Each map to have the same sized image
  • The maps were to be simple and easy to follow

I used a early technique of cartography using shadow and simple lines to indicate slope, with rivers, crags and forestry drawn in vibrant colour and paths well highlighted. No contours were used as shorter low-lying walks would not indicate any inclines.

The result is a booklet of accurate and easy to follow maps that give even the inexperienced map reader a sense of the place they are in.



Case Study

Malahide Estuary

The client wanted an older style map of Malahide to Lambay of which they had a view.

This is a low lying coastal Estuary area so I created a map using coastal representation techniques from older nautical cartography.

Dots for sandy tidal areas, currents and sea depths and a view of Lambay Island.

I filled in flied plans and used just one colour green for some demesne.

I drew a detailed cartouche title and filled in all the 20th century urban development which becomes apparent on closer inspection.

Chorography is a graphic representation with a description and mapping of a particular region. It gives the viewer more information

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